Cindy's Pet Sitting


Hours of operation: 8 am - 8 pm

When sending an initial text message please include the following:

* Your name, including your last name.

* Address or nearest cross streets with city/town.

* House, condo or apartment

* Pets and care needed.

* Temperament of pets.

* Medication? If so, please describe.

* How many visits needed per day?

* Dates needed for care?

Keyless entry? 

Please note: If you do not have a keyless entry, you will need to provide a spare key for me at the meet & greet. This key will be held on to for future visits. If this isn’t a comfortable thing for you, I’m sorry but I’m probably not a good fit for your needs. Thank you for understanding. 

No back and forth key exchanges. 

Serving Fair Oaks area only


(text only)

Cindy Hensley, owner